Review: Winja’s Fear & Force

Technology nowadays plays a huge part in theme park rides. Whether it’s virtual reality, switching tracks, turntables, track that drops… You name it, you can probably name a coaster that uses it. What’s truly amazing is when you get a ride experience that combines several unique and exciting technologies and tactics into one full experience, making a roller coaster so much more than just a roller coaster.

With that said, I introduce you to Winja’s Fear and Winja’s Force, Phantasialand’s pair of duelling spinning coasters.


Before riding Winja’s Fear & Force, I knew a little bit about what I was letting myself in for. I knew they were duelling spinning coasters, and that they both featured an elevator lift and track that tilts. So when we got to the top of the elevator lift and the track tilted into position to send us down the rest of the ride, I naturally assumed that was all the uniqueness of the coaster over and done with right there. Boy, was I wrong!

Both Winja’s coasters share similarities: a switchback section of track, for example, and a circle round the centrepiece of themed area Wuze Town, the Tittle Tattle Tree. Other than that, though, they have a unique layout each with some really great and intense moments like airtime hills on both and an overbanked turn common to Maurer Söhne spinning coasters on Winja’s Fear. But they also have more unique and awesome features that I’ve never seen before and wasn’t expecting. Another piece of tilting track, for example, which tilts differently on each coaster. And then right at the end there’s a piece of track that bounces as you go along it. It’s just so creative and so different that I was literally left speechless by the time I got off.


Everything about these coasters was so much better than I was expecting, and the amount of time, effort and technology that has gone into them is truly impressive. Add to that the fact that these coasters existed before some of the better known (and also awesome) Maurer Söhne spinning coasters like Spinball Whizzer (Alton Towers), Dragon’s Fury (Chessington) and Crush’s Coaster (Disneyland Paris) and it makes it even more impressive that they’re still going strong and still popular today. As coasters they’re fast, unpredictable and exciting, and the spinning element along with everything else really helps to keep you on your toes.

In short, the Winjas are wonderful and exciting coasters that really add to and enhance the line-up of magnificently themed, unique and exciting attractions that Phantasialand has to offer. They completely blew me away and were definitely my favourite attraction of the day due to how much work had gone into them. Take a spin on the Winjas for a ride you won’t soon forget.


See you around =] x x


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