Review: Vogel Rok

Despite being one of the older coasters at Efteling, there’s something inherently enjoyable about Vogel Rok. The first time I visited when I was a kid, this was my favourite ride in the park, and even now it’s still highly enjoyable, almost 20 years after it premiered. So what exactly makes this indoor roller coaster so much fun?


To start, I think the indoor element is a bonus. There’s something exciting about a roller coaster in the dark, particularly when they add flashes of themeing every so often like a laser effect, giant birds, a brake run inside a snake’s mouth and a star tunnel finale. Add to that the fact that Vogel Rok has a great soundtrack and it elevates what would otherwise be a fairly standard roller coaster in the dark to a full experience. The music provided by the on-board sound system gives you something dramatic to listen to as you make your way through the darkness, and the triumphant finale can’t help but make you smile as you return to the station at the end of the ride.

Vogel Rok is also great fun because of the sense of unpredictability and speed it provides. Things tend to feel faster when you can’t see where you’re going, and the mystery of not knowing which way you’re going next adds another degree of excitement and mystery. Although it has a height restriction of 1.2m, I don’t really feel this is that necessary as the ride doesn’t invert and is much less rough than Joris, for example, which has a smaller height requirement. It’s a shame really because this would be a great ride to take kids on as their ‘first big coaster’ – but nonetheless anyone who does meet the height requirement will enjoy it.

There are a couple of other little issues with Vogel Rok, though they aren’t enough to spoil the experience and really only come into play if you’ve ridden some of Vekoma’s other indoor coasters. Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and the Paris Space Mountain, for example. Both of these are considerably longer than Vogel Rok, which does feel just a little too short, and also the soundtrack on these coasters is more consistent. I find the arrangement of the Vogel Rok soundtrack a little misplaced in the second half, as it only really picks up energy by the time you’ve done the coaster bit and arrive at the final brake run and station. That said, I always welcome a coaster with on-board sound, as like I said I feel it enhances the ride experience and adds an extra dimension, particularly to an indoor coaster.

Vogel Rok is great fun and a stellar addition to the Efteling ride line-up. It is versatile and perhaps suited for more people than the height restriction may make you think, and is all in all a great fun indoor coaster.

See you around =] x x


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