Main Street Electrical Parade Retires

After decades of tradition, and having entertained millions throughout the world, Disney’s Main Street Electrical Parade is formally retiring this week. It will perform its last run at the Magic Kingdom in Florida at 11pm on Sunday, before returning home to California’s Disneyland Park early next year for a few short weeks. After this it will be retired permanently, bringing to an end the longest-serving Disney parade in history.

There are so many iconic things about the Main Street Electrical Parade, which has remained relatively unchanged since it debuted in 1977 at Disneyland California. From the lighting, to the music, to the design of the floats themselves, everything about this parade is a little bit quirky, and probably felt years ahead of its time when it first debuted. Although that has now come to an end and it does sadly feel a little bit dated now, with several of the characters not as instantly recognisable as they would have been 40 years ago, it was still a much-loved Disney classic and a great way to bring an end to a full day at the Disney parks.

Personally, I wasn’t a huge fan of the parade. I appreciated its quirkiness, but it always felt just a little too long for me, especially when coupled with the music that has one of the shortest loops ever so you end up getting the same piece of music about 400 times, which does, sadly, get a little irritating eventually. I also found a lot of the floats rather obscure – although in saying that, it is probably the only place you’ll see a Pete’s Dragon parade float (at least till the reboot comes out anyway), as well as several other random characters I don’t even recognise.

Still, my personal opinion aside, it is a shame to see such a classic be retired, even if it could be argued that it was time for it to go. Disney haven’t yet announced what will replace the parade, although it doesn’t seem beyond the realm of possibility that Florida will get something akin to California’s Paint the Night parade, which debuted last year and actually features a rendition of the Main Street Electrical Parade’s iconic music as part of its soundtrack. Stay tuned for future updates and developments as we bid farewell to a Disney staple.

See you around =] x x


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