Review: Colorado Adventure

Mine train roller coasters are actually pretty interesting as far as I’m concerned. Though they may seem somewhat old hat, they’re actually an archaic form of hybrid coaster, with the majority using genuine wooden supports to help create the look and feel of the ride. I’ve been on a few mine train coasters, some really good, some not so good, and so I was intrigued to see where Phantasialand’s Colorado Adventure ranked along this scale.


Firstly, I was glad to see all the old Michael Jackson references removed. The ride was originally taglined ‘The Michael Jackson Thrill Ride’, and although the ride was indeed opened by aforementioned star, there is nothing else about this ride that relates to the King of Pop. Which is good, because it means we actually get a proper mine theme instead.

Colorado Adventure is actually a really enjoyable ride, featuring the mine train classic signature of multiple lifts, with fast-paced track sections in between that include drops, banked turns, helixes and tunnels. It was nice to see the interaction with Chiapas too, as Colorado Adventure originally interacted with Phantasialand’s two former log flume attractions as well (and I’m convinced I saw track from one of them in one of the tunnels, too). Themeing is nicely done and consistent throughout, and what makes the ride great is that a lot of it is hidden from view, so it actually lasts a lot longer than it looks because most of what you ride you can’t see from walking around the coaster.


A couple of niggly little issues with Colorado Adventure, however. Firstly, it’s not the easiest ride to get to. The entrance is hidden round the back of the park underneath one of the theatres – we actually found it once by accident when trying to find the park exit by China Town. I think the queue line and station could be more interesting too, being clad fairly dully in wood. But these are only minor gripes; as I mentioned before the attraction itself is great fun. It’s not too rough or aggressive despite featuring some pretty steep drops and sharp banking in sections, not to mention pitch-black tunnels where you have no idea what’s coming next. And most importantly, there is enough track to keep you interested between the three lift hills, with the distance between each one never feeling too short.

Colorado Adventure is a hugely enjoyable mine train coaster, great for thrillseekers, young adventurers and families alike. While it may not be ‘the wildest ride in the wilderness’, it certainly comes close, and there is a lot to admire here from the track layout to the themeing to the sheer enjoyment of riding. Definitely one to look forward to during your trip to Phantasialand.


See you around =] x x


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