Review: Piraña

I’ve been to Efteling three times now, and prior to this most recent visit I wouldn’t have been able to tell you anything about Piraña, Efteling’s classic river rapids ride. I don’t know if this was because I’ve never been on it before, or because I was too young to remember anything about the ride itself, but the bottom line is I knew pretty much nothing about it before I did it this September.

This is actually a shame because I can now safely say that Piraña is great fun, and yet another stellar addition to Efteling’s attraction lineup. It has everything you want in a classic river rapids: waves, splashes, waterfalls, fast sections and slow sections, water features specficially intended to get you wet, and even a fun and quirky safety video in the queue line. The Aztec themeing of the ride is nice and adds to the experience, and the ride itself is fairly long and encompasses quite a bit of the area in the southeastern portion of the Efteling theme park.

As an older and, as previously mentioned, more traditional river rapids ride, Piraña doesn’t feature anything too surprising or daring that more modern river rapids have. But with that said it’s still great fun and a nice family attraction that will appeal t grown-ups, kids and anyone who likes water rides or the unpredictable. It’s a great way to cool off on a hot day, or you can have fun dodging the water if it’s a little cooler. Either way, you should make sure Piraña is on your list of things to do during your day at Efteling.


See you around =] x x


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