Ninjago World at Legoland Florida

Despite only transforming into Legoland five years ago, it feels like the former Cypress Gardens theme park now known as Legoland Florida has been with us for a while. They’ve been expanding quite vociferously over the last half a decade, and that is set to continue with the opening of a new area themed around the popular Lego Ninjago characters.

Ninjago World will premiere on 12th January 2017, meaning the finishing touches are now being applied to the new land. As well as the usual Legoland touches like meet and greets and the opportunity to build with Lego bricks, there will also be new attractions featured in the new area. These are all ninja-themed and named after the characters of Ninjago and range from light-up targets to rock climbing walls, but there is one feature attraction that sounds interesting enough to warrant a special mention.

Lego Ninjago The Ride may not win any awards for most exciting name ever, but its unique spin on the interactive dark ride genre certainly has me intrigued. Legoland Florida is aimed at kids and has a no guns policy, so instead of using guns to hit targets, the 3D dark ride is all about using specific hand movements to throw fireballs and the like at the Lego baddies. This all sounds very 21st Century and it’s always refreshing to see a theme park try something new. I have questions as to how the animation will line up and how easy it will be for the young target audience of Legoland to pick this up, but all that remains to be seen. It certainly is novel and a ride of this calibre should help Legoland compete with the high-tech attractions of its Floridian counterparts like Disney and Universal.

So yes, Ninjago World certainly has piqued my interest even though I know little to nothing about the franchise. I guess that’s the beauty of a theme park though – take something people may or may not have heard of, turn it into a fun and interactive ride, and voila, everyone will want to try it. I look forward to reading more about Ninjago World and particularly Lego Ninjago The Ride when it all opens in January next year.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the rest of your stay here at Along for the Ride.


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