Jimmy Fallon Invades Universal Studios

Earlier today I was browsing through a list of new attractions coming to U.S. theme parks in 2017. Although most of them I knew about, there were a couple I didn’t, and this was the biggest and, to me anyway, most significant of them. Universal Studios Florida is set to open a brand new attraction in 2017 entitled Race Through New York starring Jimmy Fallon.

This new attraction is a replacement for the ancient and unremarkable Twister: Ride It Out attraction, one which I have felt for a long time was in need of either a refresh or to be torn down and replaced, which is what we’ve got. In today’s market I just felt like the Twister attraction lacked any kind of splendour or magic, with you literally standing on a platform and watching things happen, with one tiny jolt of movement at the end. Compared to other Universal attractions like Transformers, Revenge of the Mummy, The Simpsons Ride and so on, there just wasn’t really anything special about Twister, which was probably why queues were pretty much nonexistent for it.

So, enter Race Through New York. The attraction concept itself I am pretty intrigued about – it almost sounds like a similar experience to ‘The Ride’ in the Empire State Building…though hopefully better executed. I’m not sure what form it will take yet, although the article describes 3D, smoke, water and scent effects, and that it will take us on a journey through the streets, subways and skies of Manhattan. Personally I can’t help but think this is yet another 3D ride coming to Universal Studios, but hey, it’s better than VR I guess. I’m curious to see what kind of ride system they are able to implement inside the old Twister building – I reckon it will end up being similar to the Despicable Me ride, but we shall see.

The thing I’m a little nervous about with regards to the new ride is its host. I don’t know a whole lot about Jimmy Fallon other than that he’s a late night talk show host / wannabe comedian who has a show in America and I guess is reasonably popular. The limited stuff I’ve seen of him hasn’t really appealed to me…but then again it’s not a genre of TV show I’m particularly interested in. I can deal with him being there as long as he doesn’t take over the whole experience. That said, I love Ellen’s Energy Adventure at Epcot despite the fact that I would never choose to watch Ellen’s TV show – again, because I’m not really interested in the genre. So I suppose it shouldn’t be too bad having him there, but again, we’ll have to wait and see.

So far I haven’t found an opening date for Race Through New York more specific than 2017, but this does mean that we’ll be saying goodbye to Twister and ushering in the new attraction fairly soon. Stay tuned for further updates and remarks on Universal Studios and its sister parks around the world.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the rest of your stay here at Along for the Ride.


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