Pleasure Island Closure

So it’s the end of an era for one British theme park today as Pleasure Island Family Theme Park in Cleethorpes, England, opens its gates for the final time today. The news of the park’s imminient closure was met with much sadness when it was first announced in September, but the park will certainly be going out with a bang when it opens for the final time later this afternoon.

Pleasure Island was opened in May 1993 and was originally a subsidiary of another theme park, that being Flamingo Land in Malton. The theme park became independent in 2010, and after a brief period of concern in April of that year where the park was temporarily closed, it reopened on 1st May 2010. There’s no chance of that happening this time though, as the news has been broken by the park itself and it doesn’t look like there will be any saving it this time around.

Pleasure Island has a selection of thrilling flat rides including unique designs rarely seen off the travelling fair circuit in the UK. These include frisbee ride Pendulus, evolution Obliterator, and one of the park’s most iconic rides, Alakazam, essentially a combination of an Enterprise ridden in a style more similar to a flying coaster. It also features a Vekoma Boomerang coaster, relatively unusual for a British park, as well as two smaller children’s coasters. Apparently the owener of the park has received offers to purchase several of the rides, so we may well be seeing some of these at theme parks or travelling fairs throughout the country in the years to come (I personally would love Thorpe Park to replace Zodiac with Alakazam and re-theme it to Zodiac 2.0!).

As I mentioned, Pleasure Island is open for one last night of fun and frights today as part of their Halloween Spooktacular Firework Extravaganza (now that’s a mouthful). The park will be open from 2:30pm to 8pm featuring rides in the dark, a Halloween theme throughout the park and of course the aforementioned fireworks display to cap it all off. No doubt it will be sad for the local population to see Pleasure Island disappear, and although the McCormack’s Family Bar will remain open next year, plans and the future of the rest of the site currently remain a mystery.

So I hope you’ll join me in saying farewell to Pleasure Island, yet another theme park I sadly never got the chance to visit. I really must start to focus my efforts on parks in the northern half of the UK from now on… In any case, thank you for 23 years of fun and excitement, Pleasure Island. No doubt you will be missed.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the rest of your stay here at Along for the Ride.


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