Construction 2018 Pics & Progress

So as I posted about previously, Blackpool Pleasure Beach is currently working on a brand new roller coaster to open in spring 2018. Codenamed Construction 2018, we already know the style of coaster (multi-launch), manufacturer (Mack Rides) and even the track layout thanks to an online video published when the ride was announced. A couple of things still remain unknown, particularly the name and the theme of the new coaster, but after visiting the Pleasure Beach earlier this week I thought I’d share a little update so you can see what the site looks like right now as well as a couple other things I happened to notice during our visit.


So this is the current state of the site where Construction 2018 will be located. This was formerly home to the Tom Sawyer Bridge and island; the bridge has since been knocked down, and formerly connected from where I was standing to the area directly across from us. The path now winds around under and past the Avalanche and around towards Big One and Steeplechase, with a dead end just past the Big One shop which you can see directly opposite and just to the left of Skyforce in the shot above.

With all the water drained, the question now is when will construction actually begin. From what I understand the coaster is currently under construction at the Mack factory in Germany, and will then be transported to Blackpool upon completion in time for opening in spring 2018. The new coaster will contain 15 crossover sections, interacting with the Big One, Big Dipper, Steeplechase, Pleasure Beach Express and Grand Prix attractions, meaning that it should become an integral part of the park’s landscape when it finally opens.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach have a dedicated section of their website which contains all the details currently released to the public about the new coaster. One thing that kind of snuck onto their posters underneath the Construction 2018 header is three little words: ‘The Blue Print’. The poster clearly does not show a blueprint of the coaster, so I personally like to think that this is some kind of subtle indicator towards the name or theme of the ride, but again, nothing has been confirmed yet in this regard so we’ll just have to wait and see. Hopefully things will become clearer as we head into 2017 and the opening date gets closer, so stay tuned for all the exciting news and details on Pleasure Beach’s first new coaster since Infusion in 2007 (and first brand new coaster since Avalanche in 1988 the Big One in 1994, thanks to Paul for the correction on that one). Now that’s an exciting thought.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the rest of your stay here at Along for the Ride.


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