Review: Nickelodeon Streak

The Nickelodeon Streak is an interesting roller coaster, not least because of its history. In 1909, Blackpool Pleasure Beach opened a wooden roller coaster called the Velvet Coaster. This was scrapped in 1932, and its lift hill and other parts of the track were used to create a new wooden ride that was simply called the ‘Roller Coaster’. This stood for over 65 years before the area surrounding the ride was re-themed to Nickelodeon Land in 2011. The entire Roller Coaster track was repainted orange, and it received a sleek new station and bright green trains, and thus the Nickelodeon Streak was born.


It has to be said, the Nickelodeon Streak is certainly an eye-catching roller coaster. I mean, come on, if you paint the entire track and supports of a coaster orange and then stick a lime green train on top of it, you’re bound to generate some attention. The new trains for the Streak, while they may look obtuse and plasticy, are actually very comfortable, and of the three main wooden coasters at Blackpool this is definitely the tamest and least insane. The park are aware of this, and I think this was part of the reason why the coaster was re-themed to fit in with Nickelodeon Land, because it is definitely suitable for a family audience.

Of course, having a roller coaster with an actual name might be part of the reason too, but I digress…


I don’t actually mind the Nickelodeon Streak as a ride, the issues I have with it come mainly from its staging. Because it is often advertised as a new(ish) ride, and because of its family-friendly nature and bold colour scheme, queues for this coaster can often get fairly long. Blackpool Pleasure Beach have a nasty habit of only ever running one train on their bigger coasters, and this doesn’t help; neither does the fact that the unthemed queue passes through a rather claustrophobic tunnel which is not fun to be kept waiting in. All of this would be forgivable if the ride itself was particularly intense or exciting, but sadly it just fails to deliver on both of those counts.

I think the main reason this coaster feels just a little lackluster is because of the competition around it. If you’ve already done rides like the Big Dipper or the Grand National, then the Nickelodeon Streak does feel a bit tame for what is still at its heart a full-sized wooden coaster, albeit one intended for a family audience. That said, it’s still an enjoyable coaster, but my advice would be to make it one of the first rides you do during your visit to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Not only does it tend to open earlier than other rides along with the rest of Nickelodeon Land, but you’ll also avoid the queues that way and prevent yourself from spoiling your own experience by doing more intense rides first. And if nothing else, this coaster is certainly intriguing to look at, I’ll give it that much!


Thanks for reading, and enjoy the rest of your stay here at Along for the Ride.


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