Other Ride Reviews

Hey there! So this is where I’ll stash my reviews of rides that don’t fit onto the other two pages. Basically, any flat rides, tower rides, or anything else that isn’t a roller coaster, dark ride or water ride I’ll compile a list of here to keep them relatively organised. I’m not going to try and review every single flat ride I go on, just the ones that make an impression on me, or are different enough from the standard version of that kind of attraction to warrant a review. Hopefully this’ll make sense to you when the list starts building up, but for now, here’s what we’ve got. Enjoy.

Flat Rides

Antique Attractions

  1. Derby Racer (Blackpool Pleasure Beach, UK)
  2. Flying Machines (Blackpool Pleasure Beach, UK)

Self-Controlled Attraction

  1. Red Arrows Skyforce (Blackpool Pleasure Beach, UK)

Top Spin

  1. Talocan (Phantasialand, Germany)