Roller Coaster Reviews

Hey there! Welcome to the hub for all my roller coaster reviews. Here you can access every review of every coaster I’ve ridden since starting this blog in September 2016, helpfully categorised and organised by list of favourites in each category. Just click on the coaster’s name to be whisked off to the appropriate review. Enjoy!

Steel Coasters

Bobsled Coaster

  1. Bob (Efteling, Netherlands)
  2. Avalanche (Blackpool Pleasure Beach, UK)

Dive Coaster

  1. Baron 1898 (Efteling, Netherlands)

Family Coaster

  1. Raik (Phantasialand, Germany)


  1. Big One (Blackpool Pleasure Beach, UK)

Indoor Coaster

  1. Vogel Rok (Efteling, Netherlands)
  2. Temple of the Night Hawk (Phantasialand, Germany)

Inverted Coaster

  1. Black Mamba (Phantasialand, Germany)
  2. Infusion (Blackpool Pleasure Beach, UK)

Launched Coaster

  1. Taron (Phantasialand, Germany)

Looping Coaster

  1. Revolution (Blackpool Pleasure Beach, UK)
  2. Python (Efteling, Netherlands)

Mine Train Coaster

  1. Colorado Adventure (Phantasialand, Germany)

Spinning Coaster

  1. Winja’s Fear & Force (Phantasialand, Germany)

Steeplechase Coaster

  1. Steeplechase (Blackpool Pleasure Beach, UK)


  1. De Vliegende Hollander (Efteling, Netherlands)

Wooden Coasters

Traditional Wooden Coaster

  1. Joris en de Draak (Efteling, Netherlands)
  2. Big Dipper (Blackpool Pleasure Beach, UK)
  3. Grand National (Blackpool Pleasure Beach, UK)
  4. Nickelodeon Streak (Blackpool Pleasure Beach, UK)

Wooden Wild Mouse Coaster

  1. Wild Mouse (Blackpool Pleasure Beach, UK)