Water & Dark Ride Reviews

Hey there! Welcome to the hub for water ride and dark ride reviews. This is where I’ll be reviewing all the water rides I’ve ridden since starting this blog in September 2016, as well as any non-roller coaster dark (indoor) rides (for indoor roller coaster reviews, see the Roller Coaster Reviews page). All the reviews will be written as regular blog posts and organised into lists here, categorised by ride type and then by favourite within each category; simply click a ride’s name to go to the appropriate review. For further details, see the descriptions underneath each category. Enjoy!

Dark Rides

3D / 4D Cinema

A cinema-style show featuring 3D imagery, and may also feature in-theatre 4D effects to enhance the overall experience.

  1. PandaDroom (Efteling, Netherlands)

Ceiling-Mounted Dark Ride

A gentle, family-friendly dark ride with track mounted to the ceiling and ride vehicles suspended from this, which travel through a variety of scenes and tableaux.

  1. Droomvlucht (Efteling, Netherlands)

Dark Boat Ride

A slow-moving indoor water ride through various scenes that may include a couple of small drops but is definitely a family ride rather than a thrill ride.

  1. Fata Morgana (Efteling, Netherlands)

Floor-Mounted Dark Ride

A gentle, family-friendly dark ride that travels along a floor-mounted track through various scenes and tableaux.

  1. Wallace & Gromit’s Thrill-O-Matic (Blackpool Pleasure Beach, UK)
  2. Ghost Train (Blackpool Pleasure Beach, UK)
  3. Carnaval Festival (Efteling, Netherlands)

Interactive Dark Ride

A combination of theme park ride and videogame where guests compete to score points, usually by shooting at targets using weapons mounted to the ride vehicle.

  1. Maus au Chocolat (Phantasialand, Germany)


A dark flat ride where guests experience the illusion of being turned upside-down. Usually forms the climax of a story-based walkthrough with multiple pre-show rooms.

  1. Feng Ju Palace (Phantasialand, Germany)
  2. Villa Volta (Efteling, Netherlands)

Shows & Walkthroughs

A walkthrough indoor experience that may have some show elements as a finale. I won’t be documenting all theme park shows here, just the ones that are part of a longer ride or attraction experience as opposed to sit-down theatre shows.

  1. Spookslot (Efteling, Netherlands)

Water Rides

Modern Flume Ride

Basically a water ride that isn’t a ‘traditional’ log flume – may include turntables, switch tracks, small sections of roller coaster track or other features, and usually seats 6+ guests eather in in-line seating or rows of 2 or more.

  1. Valhalla (Blackpool Pleasure Beach, UK)
  2. Chiapas – Die Wasserbahn (Phantasialand, Germany)

River Rapids

A free-flowing water ride in a round boat incorporating various elements such as lifts, drops, splashes, waterfalls and, of course, rapids.

  1. Piraña (Efteling, Netherlands)
  2. River Quest (Phantasialand, Germany)